The Building

The building, we think, was built in 1887. It was a general store and a living quarter for the Burkard family, the original owners.1887


In 1967, it was sold to the Dressen family, who named it Dressen’s Saloon and started the campground.1967


In 1977, it was sold to the O’Neill family, who added the kitchen and expanded the campground from 10 sites to nearly 150 sites that it is today.1977


In 2020, it was sold to the Brickzin family.2020

Fun Facts

Jesse James

No Jesse James visits occurred, as far as we know, although there has been some gun fire in this building by a previous owner.


It has never been a brothel, as far as we know.


There is, quite possibly a ghost or two. (We call her Margaret)


The dollars on the ceiling are just for fun. You can do it too – just take dollar, wrap it around a thumbtack and a quarter and give it a good toss.

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